Anywhere, at every corner, all over the world, coffee is a popular and well known beverage. A household term familiar to anyone, no matter where that person comes from, what language he is speaking. In a nutshell, coffee is here to stay as it has been over hundreds of years ago.

According to a myth, coffee was discovered through an incident in the second half of the 16 th century when a goat herdsman of Kaffa province in Ethiopia of Africa observed his goats that, after eating the red berry-like fruit from trees that gave white flowers, became unusually strong. They run and jump without being tired in a long period of time. The herdsman then told the monks in the nearby convent of what he saw, and the monks did try to eat the red fruits themselves. They felt being energetic; they work and pray better than before and without feeling tired. Coffee then were planted everywhere, mostly in Africa and Arab countries at first. The colonialism had helped spread the cultivation of this commodity in their colonies in which Vietnam gradually became one of the top producers, second only to Brazil .

Nowadays, even though the coffee plants are grown at over 70 countries in the world; however, as far as export of this produce is concerned, only 20 nations are involved in which Vietnam ranks second, behind Brazil but before Colombia . Coffee, therefore, is among the agricultural commodities being traded the most globally, second only to rice.

The brand name Daklak Café started its journey from the little fruit like cherry, with green color, from coffee plants that were carefully selected from seeds. These seeds were placed in hollow spots, underground, about 8 inches deep and apart from other seeds approximately 1.50 meters. Soil selected to grow Daklak Café is in Daklak province, the west highland of Vietnam where elevation is at least 400 meters from sea level. Thanks to the French Colonists who introduced this plant to Indochina in the mid 18 th century but later found that only Vietnam had the soil appropriate for this type of plant. Coffee then became the second export commodity for Vietnam , in addition to rice, for so many decades. Daklak inherited the natural and enriched soils to make it the habitat for a very in-demand and economically prospered commodity known today as coffee. Worthy to mention is the soils use to produce fruits for Daklak Café, a multi-layer clayed silt type of soil, thick but soft and capable of absorbing and retaining water with many favorite ratios. It is no surprise that this appropriate soil for Daklak Café has brought so many fruitful and quality harvests, over the years.

Daklak Café has earned the market trust because its product has a very unique taste. The ingredients are all natural, coming from the coffee plants that are nourished with excellent soil and high humid tropical temperature of the highland.

•  The main ingredient is invested by Avi to guarantee that source of supply is stable. And, as a result, to ensure the unity of quality. This close cycle of production help DakLak Café maintain product quality and price stability for its products, year after year.

•  As mentioned above, each coffee plant is carefully selected and care for from the beginning to yield the best quality coffee beans; then the drying process and roasting by state-of-the-art equipment, imported from Europe , Therefore, DakLak Café is ensured against:

•  No harmful substance because of application of organic fertilizer, no harm to its environment.

•  No preservatives

•  Inspected by Authority.

•  DakLak Café has built a brand name in its own class through its black coffee that is good to the last drop, or its cream coffee that is both tasty and flavorful, cup after cup.

•  DakLak Café is processed with high sanitary standards and with state-of-the-art sterilization technology.

•  Coffee will continue to be the most popular beverage all over the world. Coffee has stimulant called caffeine that stimulates the neuron system, provides more energy for people. Lately, certain studies with high scientific reliability results indicate that coffee may have been able to prevent cancer while at the same time improve people's energy level. Despite the studies' results are not conclusive, the popular use of coffee everywhere does tell one fact: it may be true. If so, then what's left for us to do is to make an intelligent choice selection. Why not choose DakLak Café , the most reasonable and intelligent choice!

•  DakLak Café is available worldwide.


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